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 Tibia ElfBOT 8.71 FULL UPDATE

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MensagemAssunto: Tibia ElfBOT 8.71 FULL UPDATE   Sab Jan 29, 2011 4:37 am

Tibia ElfBot 8.71!

List of General features

- Advanced integrated healing system that lets you heal with multiple spells, potions and runes.
- Easy to script hotkeys and script system that lets you do actions at the press of a button or automatically, based on certain conditions.
- Built for power and convenience to let you do even the more advanced things at the press of a few buttons or writing of a few words.
- Displays practical information on screen for convenience and to assist you in taking choices during your gameplay.
- Has various optimisations such as a framerate booster, opening containers as small as they can be, click reusing when using items, level spying, seeing names through floors and more.
- Has a fully skinnable interface with thousands of free downloadable windows xp .msstyles skins available on the internet.
- Includes a Link system which lets you connect to the client of your friends and allows you to spectate them or control their character.
- Includes a Proxy server which can heal you if your connection drops or if you're experiencing lag.
- Displays Icons on your screen which are little pictures of Tibia items to which you can assign things to do upon right and left clicking on them.

- And much more!

List of Cavebot features

- All the basic things such as equipping ammunition, rings, amulets, picking up loot into backpacks, moving things around inventory, using items, saying things, casting spells, buying and selling items, etc.
- Lets you do any action at any specific point of a cavebot script and can perform actions based on conditions.
- A lot of scripts directly integrated into the bot, such as stacking, counting or picking up items.
- Lets you make runes while hunting, and even deposit them when done and go buy fresh blank runes.
- Goes up and down ramps, ladders, stairs, rope spots, opens doors, uses sewer grates, etc.
- Has different ways of walking accross caves that may save time by avoiding areas with no monsters spawned.
- Deposits gold and items, refills potions, talks with NPCs and travels with just a few simple script commands.
- May be set up to kill different monsters with a different approach, attack, equipment, and more.
- May run away from monsters, charge at them, stay at a distance, avoid their wave and beam spells.
- May kill monsters with GFBs, exoris, waves or any other area spells and runes if multiple creatures can be hit.
- Saves all cavebot information into files which can be shared with friends and the community.
- May be customized and expanded in many ways using small scripts.
- And much more!

List of War features

- External navigation server that lets yout see on your screen where your friends are in Tibia, helps better coordinate combo attacks, refills the mana of your allies when low, and more.
- Main source of support from the hotkey system that lets you accomplish things in real-time quickly and responsively or automatically, like custom ways to react to different situations or different ways to deal with the enemy.
- Very basic things like automatic mana shield or haste recasting are very easy to setup on the bot.
- Timers on magic walls and wild growths to let you react quickly on or before their disappearance.
- Enemy and friend lists with priorities for the bot to pick best targets and support your friends in need.
- Outfit changer and other ways of identification for sub/friends/enemies/leaders available.
- Powerful and smart combo leader system that supports multiple aim leaders that have priorities assigned to them.
- A ton of options for the aimbot such as focusing fire on enemies that got paralyzed, killing mages first, and starting with those on low mana, etc.
- Dash running that lets you run quite faster than you normally can with the arrow keys and minimap clicks.
- A trigger aimbot that lets your team perform synchronized combos or other actions when the leader says certain keywords, which can be through the navigation server.
- Automatic amulet or ring loaders, which can setup to become automatically active when you are starting to receive massive damage or in many other circumstances.
- Full integrated and scripting support for the new war system.

- And much more!


Tibia ElfBOT 8.71

Tibia ElfBOT 8.7 SCAN
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Mensagens : 19
Data de inscrição : 20/12/2010

MensagemAssunto: Re: Tibia ElfBOT 8.71 FULL UPDATE   Sex Fev 04, 2011 6:15 am

Bump Very Happy
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